Job Chart of the District Educational Officer

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Proc.Rc.No.DI/12737/2004-3 Tribal Welfare Dept. Dt. 24.01.2005
(i) Secondary school sections attawched to all the Junior Colleges in the District 100% of High School of Gazetted Head Masters of a, Presidential scholls during the year at least two per month.
(ii) One panel inspection to a Secondary School in a month (Tabular inspections and subject panel inspections club)
NB : - All the inspection reports should reach DSE/RJD 3days after the inspections. 
(iii) Officers of Deputy Educational Officers one office in two months.
(iv) Officers of Mandal Educational Officers/Deputy Inspectors of Schools (Urban /Range) - FIVE. Except Hyderabad city where the number may be one per month.
(v) Office of N.F.E. Supervisors : Two per month. 
Note : - Office of the PEO and TTI and B.Ed., colleges are to be inspected by the Regional joint Directors as per job chart. Hence they are excluded here.

(i) High School sections attached to Junior Colleges    - 2
(ii) HIgh Schools - 8
(iii) Upper primary Schools - 10
(iv) Elementary Schools - 10
(v) N.F.E. Centres - 10
(vi) N.F.E. Supervisor's Office - 3
(vii) (3 T.I.Rs of High Schools) 3 follow up visits of High Schools which are inspected by Deputy Educational Officers.
(viii) Residential Schools.
(ix) Special Schools.
(x) Hindi Vidyalayas Oriental Schools.
(xi) N.F.E. Educational literacy camps and Adult Education Centres wherever they exist.
(xii) 2% of other category of Schools (per annum)

NB :- Visit reports should be submitted to the Director of School Education within a week after the visit.
3 - may be detailed T.I.R. Inspections.
1 - may be subject panel Inspection.
4 - visits to C&D grade Z.P.Schools.
2 - Private aided schools getting low/poor results.

(i) Review of inspection reports of the Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers in the ratio of 1 High school, 2Upper Primary Schools and 3 Elementary Schools and follow up work.
(ii) Review meeting with the Deputy Educational Officers, Mandal Educational Officers, Parishad Educational Officer with reference to Plan Schemes and academic matters.
(iii) One consultative Committee Meetings of the teachers (once in tow months)
(iv) Review of Meeting with N.F.E. Supervisors and Co-ordinators.
(v) Review of accounts cell/pension cell on every Monday.
(vi) Review of Vocational Educational programme.

(i) Organisation and conduct of academic courses for teachers Headmaster and Mandal Educational Officers periodically.
(ii) Review of the academic performance of teachers and fixing targets of achievement for schools and inspecting offices.
(iii) Submission of T.I.Rs of the schools (inspected by him)
(iv) Publication of Bulletins highlighting academic advancement in the District.
(v) Promotion action research projects by the Teachers.
(vi) Promoting incentive schemes for teachers, Headmasters, students etc.,
(vii) Attending to the organisation and conduct of programmes and activities of NCERT, SCERT/SCOUT AND GUIDES/Jr.Red Cross, N.C.C., Sports and Games, Sports Council/Cultural affairs/Children's organisation (Balala Academy ), N.F.E. etc.

(viii) Conduct of Science Fair Mathematics Olympiad etc.
(ix) Improving the quality of Education in the district.
(x) Improving the quality of education of the areas of SC/ST, Centres by organising special coaching classes in schools etc.
(xi) Headmasters conference on zonal basis once in a year.
(xii) Review of vocational schools once in a quarter -  june, September, December and February.
(xiii) Review of functioning of School employees with Deputy Educational Officers.
(xiv) District Coordination meeting with the Joint Collector / Collector.

1. Implementation of all plan schemes and review of plan and non-plan and non-plan expenditure.
2. Conduct of enquiries and disposal of appeals. Number of enquiries conducted.
3. Attending meetings of Z.P.P.s / Mandal Praja Parishads and Deputy Educational officers etc.
4. Writing confidential reports of 
Deputy Educational Officers, Gazetted Headmasters of Secondary Schools. Parishad Educational Officers/ Mandal Educational Officers / other officers including N.F.E. Supervisors. Coordinators working under his jurisdiction whose confidential reports have to be written by the Dist. Education officer.
5. (a) Sponsoring and supervision of the agencies for the supply of Nationalised Text Books.
(b) Visits to boarding homes and SC /ST Hostels and Hostels of Residential Schools etc.
6. To enlist community support for educational development in the District by securing the involvement of local authorities and organisations.
7. Prompt sanction and disbursement of various kinds Scholarships. 
8. Personnel managements (i.e.) :
(a) Appointments.
(b) Transfers and promotions.
(c) Pay fixation of Staff members working under his control.
9. Disposal of court cases, submission of para-wise remarks counters, Affidavits.


1. Preparation and submission of accurate number statements, budget estimates, revised estimates and surrenders in time. 
(i) Submission of Number Statements.
(ii) Submission of Budget Estimates.
(iii) Submission of Revised Budget Estimates.
2. Holding of reviews at regular intervals or as specified regarding proper expenditure of plan and non-plan scheme transaction of accounts and processing of previous cases promptly.
3. Amount of expenditure incurrd during the month.
4. Submission of Utilisation Certificate and replies to Audit Objections.
5. (a) Plan Schemes both continuing and new.
(b) Non-Plan Schemes.

(A) (1) Timely implementation and monitoring of plan schemes sanctioned by Government.
(2) Prompt submission of monthly expenditure statements on plan schemes sanctioned.
(3) Preparation of village / Mandal and District level Educational plan.

(B) Collection of Statistical data necessary for :
1. Opening of New Schools.
2. Improvement in enrolment attendance etc.
3. Timely collection and submission of accurate Educational and Financial Statistical returns ( viz. Numerical, financial )

1. Constitution of Common Examination Boards.
2. Planning examination for classes other than VII and X in accordance with the common Examination Board Constitution. 
3. Advance actor for the conduct of VII Class Common Examinations and  X Class Public Examination like constitution of center, appointment of Departmental officers, custodian of question papers etc.
4. Conduct of the above examinations and the required vigilance work.
5. Organisation and conduct of Spot Valuation of answer scripts of the above examinations.
6. Tabulation, Declaration of results and issue of certificates for the Class VII Common Examinations.
7. Advance action for the conduct of Teachers Training Institutions examinations.
8. Supervision in connection with other miscellaneous examinations like Government Technical Examinations, Entrance Test for T.T.Is, Navodaya Vidyalayas, Headmaster Accounts Test , Accounts Test for employees of Local Bodies, Hindi Examinations etc.

Every District Educational Officer must tour for 20 days in the month with 10 night halts

N.B.: - Monthly tour programmes of the District Educational Officer must reach Director of School Educational one week in advance of every succeeding month.

reports of visits and inspections of the D.E.Os must be sent to the Director within 3days of such visits / inspections of the institutions. 

2. REVIEWS : Meeting conducted / attended by the District Educational Officers in the month.

N.B.: - The number of Inspections / Visits holding of meetings undertaken or attended by him and his subordinate officer; should be reach the Director of School Education in the prescribed proforma and minutes of such meetings of previous months should reach by 5th of successive month. 
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